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The Greatest Birthday Gift (Yacht Day Dubai, UAE)

*Full transparency* I knew within plenty of time that I was going on this trip for my birthday. I had a plan to get my body to a certain place beforehand but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted. You would think it would make me uneasy going in to this activity knowing I would have to wear a bathing suit but guess what, IT DIDN’T. That’s in all caps because there was a time when I would’ve beat myself up for not reaching a goal. I would’ve overthought my way right out of the joy of the next moment.

This time I conquered another small piece of self, put on my suit and gave this trip the body I had. I gave myself the grace to be perfectly imperfect and celebrate my wins instead of nitpicking myself. I chose to take in the moment with no regrets. Truth is, we won’t always reach our goals. The question is, will you let that stop you? I hope your answer is the same as mine, NO. IT ABSOLUTELY WON’T.☝🏾It felt amazing to be free from my own judgment. I fell in love with me a little deeper and I couldn’t have asked for a better bday gift than the one I gave myself. 🎁🙌🏾🎉

👙: Matte Collection

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