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March is Women’s Month! Today I’d like to shout out all the moms who are killing it showing up for their kids and themselves. I see you and feel you girl! As a business owner, so many of my days look like running errands, taking consultations, chauffeuring kids, cooking meals and going to events. And we won’t even get into the weekends… It can be non stop! But so much of what I do is with the motivation that my girls are watching so forward I go. It is a balancing act to be both business minded and present as a parent. Now I’ll be honest, with mommy guilt, a judgmental society and sometimes unrealistic expectations on yourself, it can easily become overwhelming. But if the COVID pandemic taught me anything, it showed me that it’s ok to slow down and to REST. Self care is no longer optional.

The biggest part of balancing all the things you have to be and hats you have to wear starts with prioritizing YOU. I love my girls with everything in me but I have to remind them often that I’m human. There is only one of me and three of them. As they’ve grown over the years I’ve made it a point to be vulnerable and share with them when there are things that mommy doesn’t know and things mommy can’t do. It’s important in business and in your personal life to be aware of your capacities and to share them with others. Delegate where you can and give yourself the permission to do the things you’re good at; and do them well. Trust and even hire others to do the rest. You honor yourself this way.

Another thing that is super important to me is to work hard and play harder! As much as I want to be a good example of work ethic and building legacy for my daughters, I also want them to understand that life is to be lived! You work for something and that something can be to absolutely enjoy yourself. I look for moments of fun with them within my business where I can and I schedule time to be OFF and just enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Through it all, there is no right or wrong way to be a successful momprenuer. The key is to just keep showing up! You got this! WE GOT THIS! Here’s to us all month long ladies! 🥂

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